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YES. Borrowed from #gap

YES. Borrowed from #gap

Easter Wishes!

Happy Easter, all you chocoholics! I hope you find tons of eggs filled with your favorite sweets!

My day will surely consist of sunshine, family, honey-glazed ham, deviled eggs, watermelon and snooping through the kid’s candy baskets.

And I also hope that you dressed up a little more “special” today. Not a dress or skirt fanatic? Well, let today be your oyster!


Outfit details:  Lace Top: Target  //  Midi Skirt: April Snow  //  Sandals: April Snow 

Everyone, meet my fashion icon! 😝

Everyone, meet my fashion icon! 😝

My Hair Care Routine

I wanted to share with you two of my new favorite hair products that I’ve been loving lately.


A little background on my hair: I have really dry and course Asian hair, never dyed it before, but never really bothered too much with maintaining it. It’s not because I didn’t care, it’s just that I’ve never been used to using a lot of products (the women in my household growing up were very simple, low-maintenance types). I guess I never really knew what I should be using, which products were a must, etc…


So recently I’ve been letting my hair grow out, and realized that split ends and tear-prone hair is just not doing me any good. I was tired of losing alot of hair in the shower and also when I would curl or blow-dry it. So I asked my hair stylist and she recommended this product called "Moroccan Oil" to help infuse some moisture back into it. Boy, is it the best! Not only does it smell HEAVENLY, it has really improved my hair’s dryness and courseness. I do have to warn you, it retails up to $45 but trust me, it is well worth every penny. I purchased mine back in November and it’s only about 1/4 gone.

The other product that I recently started using is called "It’s a 10" Leave In Conditioner. I actually got it for free from Ulta one day while shopping around, and thought I’d give it a serious try. It’s a Keratin treatment, which restores health and hydration, and also smells like a bed of roses!


So although I’m still giving these two products some time to do their magic, I am really happy with the results so far. It’s a miracle that I’ve even had the patience and consistency with using them, since I’m prone to give up on products really quickly :(, so word of advice: give them a shot and enjoy your luxe hair!

How to use:

***Moroccan Oil - Apply a few drops (dime-sized amount) to towel-dryed hair only on ends. I also like to apply after I blow dry to give an extra boost of shine.

*** It’s a 10 - Spray all over hair after towel drying, then comb through to distribute all over hair.



Hat Days

Hello, on this beautiful day!

As you noticed, this photoshoot is coming straight from my home. I usually use my tripod to do outdoor photos, but the little slider thing(?) broke, and so I’ve decided to try doing home shoots. Pretty fun, actually, hanging the sheet and playing dress up in my room. Except this time, they’re my real clothes. :)

Sunny weather is a wonderful opportunity to play with special accessories. And it’s no surprise that my accessory of choice is a HAT! Got this lovely one from Target several months ago, and it goes perfect with just about everything.

You may have also noticed that I busted out my favorite sandals. Spring is here, my friends!

Outfit details:

Hat: Target  //  Dress: Anthropologie  //  Cardigan: Gap  //  Shoes: April Snow

A Small Plea…

Hello ladies, and hope you had a nice weekend!

Let’s talk about casual wear, shall we? I read this interesting article that said for the first time in a long time, jeans didn’t make it on the top 10 trends for the year. What replaced them, you ask? LEGGINGS AND YOGA PANTS!

There’s this new term around the fashion town that describes clothes that you can workout in and also lounge in - Athleisure. Such an LA thing to do, wouldn’t you say? It’s pretty normal to see women head to lunch and coffee dates right after their workout. It’s as if workout gear has become casual wear, and nobody seems to mind.

Well, I do mind. In fact, this blog post is all about pleading with you NOT to do it!

Ladies, let’s be real here. When we truly ask yourselves if gym clothes are appropriate for lunch dates, are we trying to justify it, even a little? There’s so many excuses right? "Nobody cares what I wear to do errands", "It’s too hard to change into something else", "It’s fashionable because Miranda Kerr looks so good in her gym wear…"

Well, I really hope that this is something we can consider on a deeper level. It all goes back to the concept of appropriateness. Everyone has a sense of the type of clothing that’s suitable for certain occasions. (What you wear to a wedding is much different than what you wear to school, right?) Well these aren’t just some arbitrary set of rules that the fashion police commanded us. The whole reason why we want to look appropriate for the occasion is because we are going to be encountering OTHER PEOPLE there! We want to look appropriate because it is a way of showing respect to those very people we encounter.

I always like to think about the activities and places I will venture into when I get ready for the day. I also like to imagine WHO I will be seeing. My old friend from grade school, that nice barista who always gets my drink right, my professor who is writing me a recommendation letter - we are bound to run into people that matter to us in some way. My best advice to show a little more honor to them is to dress in a way that makes them feel honored.

So yoga pants and leggings, or any other type of altheisure wear that we love so much… let’s just keep those to a minimum. And by minimum, I mean home or gym time :). And also consider how they might not be a good idea at all, since most leggings are super sheer and revealing. Remember this unfortunate episode? Yikes!!!!

There’s just so many more options for us that can say more about our unique personal style!