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Hat Days

Hello, on this beautiful day!

As you noticed, this photoshoot is coming straight from my home. I usually use my tripod to do outdoor photos, but the little slider thing(?) broke, and so I’ve decided to try doing home shoots. Pretty fun, actually, hanging the sheet and playing dress up in my room. Except this time, they’re my real clothes. :)

Sunny weather is a wonderful opportunity to play with special accessories. And it’s no surprise that my accessory of choice is a HAT! Got this lovely one from Target several months ago, and it goes perfect with just about everything.

You may have also noticed that I busted out my favorite sandals. Spring is here, my friends!

Outfit details:

Hat: Target  //  Dress: Anthropologie  //  Cardigan: Gap  //  Shoes: April Snow

A Small Plea…

Hello ladies, and hope you had a nice weekend!

Let’s talk about casual wear, shall we? I read this interesting article that said for the first time in a long time, jeans didn’t make it on the top 10 trends for the year. What replaced them, you ask? LEGGINGS AND YOGA PANTS!

There’s this new term around the fashion town that describes clothes that you can workout in and also lounge in - Athleisure. Such an LA thing to do, wouldn’t you say? It’s pretty normal to see women head to lunch and coffee dates right after their workout. It’s as if workout gear has become casual wear, and nobody seems to mind.

Well, I do mind. In fact, this blog post is all about pleading with you NOT to do it!

Ladies, let’s be real here. When we truly ask yourselves if gym clothes are appropriate for lunch dates, are we trying to justify it, even a little? There’s so many excuses right? "Nobody cares what I wear to do errands", "It’s too hard to change into something else", "It’s fashionable because Miranda Kerr looks so good in her gym wear…"

Well, I really hope that this is something we can consider on a deeper level. It all goes back to the concept of appropriateness. Everyone has a sense of the type of clothing that’s suitable for certain occasions. (What you wear to a wedding is much different than what you wear to school, right?) Well these aren’t just some arbitrary set of rules that the fashion police commanded us. The whole reason why we want to look appropriate for the occasion is because we are going to be encountering OTHER PEOPLE there! We want to look appropriate because it is a way of showing respect to those very people we encounter.

I always like to think about the activities and places I will venture into when I get ready for the day. I also like to imagine WHO I will be seeing. My old friend from grade school, that nice barista who always gets my drink right, my professor who is writing me a recommendation letter - we are bound to run into people that matter to us in some way. My best advice to show a little more honor to them is to dress in a way that makes them feel honored.

So yoga pants and leggings, or any other type of altheisure wear that we love so much… let’s just keep those to a minimum. And by minimum, I mean home or gym time :). And also consider how they might not be a good idea at all, since most leggings are super sheer and revealing. Remember this unfortunate episode? Yikes!!!!

There’s just so many more options for us that can say more about our unique personal style!

Orange County Fashion Workshop

Hello girls and happy Monday!


I was invited to assist at a fashion workshop this weekend in Corona Del Mar that was featuring a wonderfully talented Image Consultant, Mary Sheehen Warren (see my review of her book here). She broke down some very crucial “style elements" for us - your style personality, body type, and colors that best suit you. All of these are essential components to building a cohesive and unique personal style. We took this awesome quiz to determine your fashion personality and as I predicted, my results said I was “ECLECTIC”! (lol)

She spoke about so many great things, and one of my favorite points she made was how critically important it is to know your “style elements” in order to allow others to make a good impression of you. Not in any superficial way ofcourse, but when we allow the focal point of our appearances to be on our face, that in turn let’s people connect with us on a true level.

This means that our fashion and appearances should always lead people to look at us in the eyes!  A genius concept, and one that all girls can benefit from hearing. Boy do I wish that my teenage self would have known that… I mean, it is true that no matter what we put on, people are going to make judgements about us. That’s just part of human nature. But if we can dress in a way that allows others to get true representation of who we are and how we feel about ourselves, then that’s when I think style succeeds.

Looking at the photo of Katherine Hepburn above (which I totally stole from Mary’s powerpoint!) reminds me that beauty comes from showing your real self. I might just make that my screensaver from now on!

Believe in Chambray

Hello and happy first day of April!


I found this skirt hiding in my closet somewhere (don’t you love when you find old clothes?). One of my old coworkers gave me a bag full of skirts that was given to her by someone who worked in the fashion district in LA. Yes, you read it right - a bag FULL of SKIRTS!




I tried to capture it in the photos, but this skirt has a very subtle stitch design to it. And as I mentioned in the last post, throw on a chambray shirt and it will go with everything. Now that I think about, my last 2 posts both had chambray in it. Gosh, I think we should be best friends.

On another note, was it just me or were there way too many cheesy April Fool’s jokes going around on social media today? C’mon people. I mean, I didn’t know what to believe.

But you can be certain that this blog will always tell the truth. ;) And so will chambray.

Button-up: JCrew  //  Skirt: LA Fashion District  //  Shoes: Nordstrom Rack

How to Style a Midi Skirt

Ahh, the midi skirt. Feminine. Great length. Versatile.

There is something so romantic and fun about this garment. But ever wonder how to style it? For some women, it can be a challenge to wear it since it hits at this weird part of our calves. You would have to find one that fits your body just right, especially taking into consideration your body proportions. You don’t want to be drowning in it if you’re on the petite side, and you don’t want it to make your legs look shorter either.

But once you do find one that works well for you, the styling options are endless. I was perusing the ASOS website today and was so thrilled to see them worn in a variety of ways.

Here are some great ideas for ya:

This one is just perfect for this transitioning weather we’re in right now. Don’t put your winter boots away just yet; ankle booties look so great with skirts!

Everybody has a chambray shirt by now, right? (If not, you are really missing out, because chambray goes with EVERYTHING!) It’s pretty much a neutral, so it goes perfectly with patterned skirts.

This one is just so adorable. I actually have both of these shoes, white converse and lace-up oxfords, so perhaps I’m being a bit biased, hee hee. But trust me, throw on some casual shoes with your skirt and it will add an instant no-fuss factor to your outfit.

An instant way to dress up your tee. I’m not used to wearing them anymore, but look at the one on the top left. #changingmindnow


So don’t be afraid to change things up a bit. Just don’t wear one when it’s pouring rain and blowing like a hurricane. :( Have any other styling questions? Message me!

Thanks for reading!

Hello, Spring.

Hello and happy Tuesday!

I know you’ve seen this skirt a thousand times, but I just can’t help but where it all year round! It’s one of my favorites, and I especially love pairing it with blue. (Orange and blue are complimentary colors, remember?)

Wanted to talk about these heels of mine that I’ve been afraid to wear. I bought them several weeks ago but the problem is that they SQUEEK! Ah, not the sound I was going for, so I have been holding off wearing them until I got the idea to put in-soles in them to sort of “insulate” the leather. Worked like a charm!

Hope you have a wonderful day!

Cardigan: Gap  //  Button-Up: American Apparel  //  Skirt: Anthropologie  //  Heels: Chinese Laundry  //  Purse: Francesca’s